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Release date: 25/05/2021

Unleash the power of kung-furry in this post apocalyptic action RPG with talking animals! In Biomutant, an enchanting story meets super fast combat and open world exploration. 

The Earth is dying and the animal tribes clash in vicious battles. It seems that the world is speeding towards destruction. Can you revert its fate? Or will you choose the path of darkness and fulfill the dark destiny?

Define the genetic code of your character to affect his or her abilities. Craft your weapons and equipment, gear up for an adventure, and go explore a beautiful, mesmerizing world, where dangers lurk around every corner!


  • Character customization via gene manipulation
  • Intense third-person combat
  • Vast and rich crafting system
  • Beautifully realized world of dark future
  • Story that mixes fantasy with science fiction
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